Student Assaulted by School Police

I was very disgusted when we watched this video. I wanted to scream and the question “how?” kept running through my head. I could not comprehend the pure violence and hatred of his act. Maybe not even hatred, but definitely ignorance. The police officer seemed so sure of his actions, as he threw her from the desk and tackled her. My heart hurt so much as I watched this hurting teenager be thrown about by more ignorant adults. It’s said that she had been having trouble at home and was only refusing to get off her cell phone when her teacher phoned the resource officer. If that had been me I would have hollered and kicked with all of my might, I was amazed at her compliance after she was beaten. I just do not understand why such a hateful crime can be so overlooked. In the many months since this incident I have heard nothing of the girl or the police officer. How strange a world we live in when the daily lives of plastic celebrities are plastered all across our news rather than the dying voices of minorities. People must band together once again to see change in our society, for we have gotten so far from our source of being that we are driven to violence and blindness. I hope that I can one day make a difference for our generation, and our future generations, and help to unite our world as one, as we have always been and always will be.

Student Assaulted by School Police

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